Pull Up Banners (Roll Up Banners Stand, Pop Up Banner Stand, Rolling Banner Stand)

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We are a direct importer and wholesaler, we provide you wide range of display products as Pull up Banners stand, x Banner stand, L stand, snap poster frame, banner hanger, and etc.

With 3 large format printers we are equipped to meet tight deadlines. More than 8 years New Zealand experience make us specialist in advertising display industry area. Posters and Pull up banners stands sets are our main competitive products in the New Zealand market.

We deliver superior results and on time, and to suit your budget. Please give us a call and experience our friendly and excellent service.

Roll Up Stand

Pull up Banners Displays

(Roll Up Banners Displays, Pop Up Banners Displays, Rolling Banner Display)

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Pull up banners can save considerable time in the case of hastiness in setting up advertising booths, display stands or product promotion launch events. The time thus saved then can be used in other useful activities.

The singularity has been possible for two reasons. First is that the banners are light weight, portable, flexible and easy to install and operate. Second is that even unskilled person can handle the banners without any trouble.

Roll Up Stand

About Pull Up Banners

(Roll Up Banner Stand, Pop Up Banner Stand, Rolling Banner Stand)

Click here to select your pull up banners type and place an order with APLUS
Standing Out
Big, well known companies are exactly that because they stand out. Everywhere we go, we see their logo stand out above all the rest. In exhibitions their booth is always the biggest and in stores they will stand out in advertising and thus attract more clients. A good idea would be to let clients know of new products, deals and sales when they enter your shop. A pull up is the best device for that purpose.

The pull up Banner stands out because of his height and arrives in different width sizes of 60, 85, 100, 120 cm. It is easy to install, has a great impact and most important- occupies small space. Due to its characteristics, the roll up can be post outside the store and notify the passersby of special offers which will persuade them to enter the store. To attract more attention from clients, the roll up can be also set up near products you wish to stand out or next to salespersons. Bright colors and interesting visual will raise curiosity among potential clients and will assist you in your goal.

You can also add a branded counter that matches the graphics you choose for the pull up. A company representative or a salesperson can stand and direct customers to the products, give samples and have additional information or brochures to hand out for potential buyers. There is so much more you can do with roll ups and counters and other display devices to make your company and products stand out. All you need is imagination.

Advantages of Banners
Banners are an overall name for display devices like roll up, L banner, X banner and more.

Attracting attention is the most prominent characteristic of the pull ups and the other banners. They stand out because of their height and they are very noticeable. They make the graphic stand out and allure potential buyers.

Banners such as pull ups are mainly made for indoors use and are great for exhibitions, malls, shops, shopping centers etc. On a sunny, windless day, they can also stand outside, and they can be seen from far away, stick out and draw attention. One of the most important things about banners and roll ups, is that they can be easily installed and thus, they are great for exhibitions, and for moving around from one place to another. If you don¡¯t like the location of the roll up in your store or restaurant, you can easily move it around.

Moreover, banners and pull ups occupies a very small space and make a huge impact. Even if you have a very limited space for advertising, you can still cover a big advertising surface with these products.

Diversity - one of the most fun things about banners, is that they are relatively inexpensive and enable you to change your advertisement often. Whenever you have a new product, a sale or new information to display to your costumers you can notify them in a new graphic each time, in a minimal cost.

Another aspect of diversion is in the kind of lamination you choose. Whether you like your massage to be shiny or matt, you can change your mind each time.

Matt lamination is preferable if you post your banner or pull up in a very light place. Shiny lamination is very fun to look at, and as all shiny things, draws attention.

5 Great Ideas for Pull Up Usage
pull up banner can be used for so many different things. The roll up is especially used by advertising companies which already discovered the power of advertizing that this product embodies.

In order to give you some ideas for using the pull up and its advantages for your specific needs.

Birthday - wouldn¡¯t it be great to make a huge birthday party and prepare a visual of yourself? Placing a pull up in the party, where people can take their picture with you and your enlarged image is a funny attraction that no one will forget. At the end of the party, you just roll it back down and store it for next year. Although of its 2 meters height, when it is rolled back down, the roll up takes only a small storage space.

Birth of a baby - congratulations, you have a new baby born. When your baby sleeps you don¡¯t want people to wake him up, even if it¡¯s his own party. If you agree to that, you would find the pull up banner extremely useful. Put a picture or a few pictures of your newborn on a beautiful graphic placed on a roll up so that guest¡¯s curiosity will be answered. Who does the baby look like? Just look at the roll up and take your guess.

Surprise whatever - surprise party? Surprise proposal? Surprise whatever? What would be a better way to do it than by preparing a visual to go along with it? Make a real surprise, one that no one would expect, and prepare a graphic on a pull up that will stun everyone. The roll up can be rolled up whenever you want to and its installation is a matter of seconds, so that you can roll it up whenever you want and keep the real surprise to the right time.

Valentine - it used to be romantic to serenade but today you have so many options it¡¯s a good thing you don¡¯t have to worry about singing out of tune. Give your valentine a big, huge surprise, a picture of you two together on a pull up banners. You can place it everywhere, roll it up and down according to the space you have. It¡¯s mobile so you can take it everywhere with you as a surprise before you reveal it. It does not limit you to a place or time. It is all "roll up" to you.

Advertizing - the advertising companies are already familiar with the many advantages that the pull up offers in that field. It is very noticeable and draws people¡¯s attention. Advertising with roll up banners proves itself successful every time.

5 More Great Ideas for Using a Pull Up Banner
Pull up can be used for so many interesting exciting things; all you have to do is use your creativity and imagination.

Exhibition - one of the primary goals of the Pull up is for displaying in exhibitions since it draws attention from passer Byers. Because of its measures the roll up can be staged as a sign that welcomes people by illustrating the most important, interesting things in front and pull their sight from the competitors.

Branding- do you have a line of products? A new collection? a new you? What better way to brand yourself than to add a big, impressive Pull up banner for highlighting the "new" or the "line" that you are selling? Pull up banner is an excellent device to make your brand and your massage stand out and to add a tone of greater visibility that only a roll up can offer.

High school prom - Are you ready for that big event? Not if you don¡¯t have some Pull up banners lined up. Think how beautiful and impressive would be a row of roll up banners spread out on the road leading to the entrance. The cost of it is minor when you think of the effect you¡¯ll get. This great unique idea will give you some great picture opportunities.

Manu - Do you have a new and exciting dish? A business menu or a special? Write it with big letters and let everyone know! Reach the maximum of your target audience by displaying it to them on a big Pull up that will not go unnoticed. Think of how impressive a menu with a big picture of some of your best selling dishes will look like on a roll up. You can easily make it happen. Background or setting- do you have a school show, a privet display or a presentation you need to deliver? Take a roll up with you. The roll up has 4 different widths: 60 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm, and 120 cm. you can choose the roll up that is right for you and set the perfect background for you in seconds.

Everything about Pull Up
Any exhibition would be incomplete without a display of a Pull up banner. The roll up, also known as a pull up display, is one of the most known and used banners there are.

It has a very flexible form of display and is one of the most popular tools for businesses and marketers for drawing the crowd¡¯s attention. A Pull up is a product used for advertizing that catches the eyes of consumers. It is relatively inexpensive and brings great results. You can either display the roll up banners for a short term or a long term.

The great thing about a Pull up is that it fits well in every exhibition regardless of the location you choose or the space you have. This will enable you to attract more viewers and potential customers on every display. Roll up displays are storage in a long metal box which has a black carrying bag. All you need to do is to roll it up from its metal box, stable it on its extension pool that comes with it and the device can stand on its own. This process takes only a few seconds.

Pull up banners are great for advertizing any product or service. Pull up banners are also available with spotlights, but you have to specifically ask your sales representative for price. They are also very easy to install. The roll up¡¯ spotlights arrive with a clips at their end that easily attached to the roll up device. Make sure you have a plug nearby for the spotlight. The posters that are placed in the roll up banners are always covered with a thin layer of lamination whether matt or gloss which is a matter of the client¡¯s taste and marketing strategic. This lamination protects the poster from being torn or dirty if people touch it with their hands etc.

You can see the Pull up banners in conventions, stores, restaurants, malls, hotels and more since the roll up is sold in an affordable price. You should be creative and use your imagination in order to use the roll up displays best so your massage will get across. Therefore, if you search for an affordable way to advertize, display your logo and give information, the best way is using a roll up banner.

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